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Medical Career Academy – 10 Reasons Phlebotomy Could Be Your Calling

10 Reasons Phlebotomy Could Be Your Calling

Once a lucrative treatment for headaches, fevers, or the flu, bloodletting no longer involves cutting your vein open with a lancet or sharpened piece of wood. Nowadays, phlebotomists draw blood by safely puncturing the area with a sterilized needle, preparing the blood specimen for testing. If you’re unnerved by blood, needles, and people, phlebotomy medical career training might be on your radar—and here’s why.

  1. You Can Work Immediately

Excellent phlebotomists need not undergo years of extensive training. You can often kick-start your career in less than a year, saving time and money in the process.

  1. Applying for Certification is Easy

Applying for a phlebotomy training program is as simple as presenting your high school diploma or GED. Upon completion of your training, you can apply for certification just as effortlessly. Though a certificate isn’t a necessity, it allows applicants to qualify for higher salaries.

  1. The Available Opportunities Are Endless

One way or another, hospital or clinic staff will need to sample and test blood at some point in the day. Thus, phlebotomists are regularly in-demand—and your day will hardly ever be dull. Alternatively, you can apply as a phlebotomist in various institutions, laboratories, and health centers.

  1. Hours Are Flexible

Nowadays, employees prefer flexibility when it comes to their work schedule. As a phlebotomist, you can choose to work part-time, overnight, or by standard business hours.

  1. Entry-Level Positions Pay Well

Compared to other healthcare technician roles, phlebotomists enjoy a higher annual median salary of nearly $34,000. Want to learn more about how much you can earn in your area? Just consult a salary finder.

  1. There’s a Lot of Room for Growth

Your journey with phlebotomy isn’t always linear. You can choose to remain in your role for as long as you want or target higher positions that allow for growth. Phlebotomy is a bankable gateway for other medical careers that you may not have even considered.

  1. You Can Work Anywhere

Every city needs a phlebotomist, so whether you’d rather remain in your own or explore unfamiliar territory is entirely up to you. Whatever the case, there’ll be a job waiting for you at a hospital, emergency clinic, nursing home, private facility, Red Cross, or blood bank.

  1. You Can Save Lives

Contrary to how commoners perceive it, drawing blood helps to detect diseases, infections, bacteria, vitals, and many more. Phlebotomists working blood drives provide solutions for those suffering from autoimmune diseases and blood clotting.

  1. It’s a Challenge

A career isn’t all about money. As a phlebotomist, your day is hardly routine. The potential to meet all sorts of people is enriching and unexpected. You can practice your people skills on patients who aren’t fans of drawing blood, leading them to overcome their fears.

  1. You Can Be Proud of What You Do

There are no small parts within the medical community. Phlebotomists play a vital role in taking the first step towards determining and treating a medical condition and are an essential part of any team.

Beyond its fast-paced environment and earning potential, phlebotomy is fulfilling and among the quickest-growing occupations in the U.S.


Phlebotomists are valuable members of any medical group, able to penetrate a myriad of fields such as dialysis, blood banking, plasma centers, hospitals, or private labs. They are the beginning point of any medical journey towards patient diagnosis.

For phlebotomy medical training classes in Indiana, give us a call at Medical Career Academy. Our rich curriculum combines professional instruction and a wealth of firsthand clinical experience. Adhering to National Healthcareer Association standards, you can expect to receive the best education possible.

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