Medical Assistant

Medical Assisting

Next Course Starts: August 19, 2024 & September 7, 2024

08/19/24 class IN PERSON Mon and Wed 9am-1pm
09/07/24 class is HYBRID – See below

At Medical Career Academy Medical Assisting is a very comprehensive program that consists of 12 weeks of both classroom and laboratory practice sessions. Included in the program is an optional externship for students to get extensive hands-on training hours.*

The class is hybrid and meets online for mandatory Zoom lectures Monday nights 5:30pm-7:30pm and in person labs every other Saturday at the school from 9am-1pm.

Medical Assistant

About the Program

The successful completion of this course makes you eligible to sit for the National Health Career Certification exam for Medical Assisting. Our certified students are then prepared to gain entry level access to a multitude of health care facilities.

The Curriculum

Medical Assisting
Medical Assistant

Our Classroom Experience

Our Students at Medical Career Academy will experience multi-faceted exposure to the practice of Medical Assisting. This includes: theory hours with up-to-date lectures given by highly skilled and professionally experienced instructors, practice lab hours where students will be exposed to the procedures to get hands-on training, and clinical externship hours to help you get “real life” experiences in the medical arena.


Reasons Why You Should Become a Medical Assistant

Medical Assistants are in huge demand throughout the country. The growth of the aging population will continue to increase demand for preventive medical services. As a result, many physicians will need to see more patients daily and the need for medical assistants will increase as well.

Some Career Stats:

Employment for medical assistants is projected to grow 23 percent from 2019-2029. That is almost double the percent of all other jobs in the healthcare industry. 

The average annual salary for Medical Assistants is $34,800. 

Learn more career statistics about the benefits of becoming a Medical Assistant here:
Bureau of Labor Statistics

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