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The class is 12 months long and meets on Wednesdays from 9am-1pm. Additional clinical hours will be required. This is a competitive program, so we will only be accepting 10-12 students per class.  The students must be certified as EKG Techs or equivalent or currently working as an EKG Tech to apply. You must have computer access to complete some online coursework throughout the program.



Health care is one of the fastest-growing industries, so it’s no wonder that cardiology
technologists are in high demand. In fact, job opportunities for Echocardiography Technicians are expected to increase by 14 percent from 2020 to 2030, proving that the demand for echocardiography greatly exceeds the current number of medical technologists and technicians. As a result, the future looks very bright for those with this training. If you are looking for a rewarding career with great job prospects, becoming an echocardiography technician may be the right fit for you.

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About the Program

At Medical Career Academy, we have carefully developed our Echo Course curriculum by combining professional, certified, instructors with a wealth of clinical experience. We have strictly followed the guidelines that have been set forth by the set forth by Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI), the American Society of Echocardiography (ASE) and The American Heart Association to ensure our students get the best education available. 

This program prepares students to demonstrate the knowledge and skills needed to function as an echocardiography technician, preparing them for a rewarding career in the medical field. Our echocardiography program is designed to prepare you to be a technician, who can perform a variety of tests. After taking the Echocardiography Technician course, you’ll have the skills to perform these tests, as well as the training to work as a technician in an approved facility.

Classroom training is a key component of our program, but you will also gain hands-on experience by using the most up-to-date echocardiography equipment in the lab. With this course, you can increase your expertise in the field and be ready to take on the role of an Echo technician in hospitals, physician offices, or urgent care facilities.

The Curriculum

Students who are serious about starting a career in echocardiography will find our program to be a great fit. We offer a full-time schedule, meaning that your coursework will be more in-depth and hands-on than many other programs. Our program consists of multiple courses, which focus on the following core topics:

Our Ultrasound Instrumentation and Physics course will teach you everything you need to know about echocardiography devices and instrumentation.

Basic knowledge of ultrasound physics and instrumentation is vital to ensure the correct
application of ultrasound for both diagnostic and therapeutic interventions. Understanding
the physical attributes of ultrasound waves and how images are generated will enable you to obtain optimum images and thus help to prevent misdiagnosis. 
You will learn ultrasound physics terminology and definitions the basics: units and conversions, scientific notation, exponents and logarithms the properties of sound waves, wave motions, concepts such as acoustic impedance and attenuation, and the laws of reflection and refraction about power and intensity about factors that affect images such as bandwidth, Q-factor, beam configuration, slice thickness transducer construction, types, frequency, and more. This course contains an extensive review of major heart pathology, along with an in-depth study of the echocardiograph’s role in the diagnosis of pathological conditions of the heart. 
You will learn how to accurately use echocardiography in order to detect and evaluate a variety of cardiac pathologies.


This course will provide you with a solid understanding of cardiac physiology. The course consists of a review of the anatomy and physiology of the heart, the circulation and blood pressure, the myocardium, and cardiac dynamics. The course also includes a detailed look at the echocardiograph’s role in the evaluation of the heart.

In the Anatomy course, you will gain a solid understanding of cardiovascular anatomy. From
understanding the different body systems to learning about the cardiothoracic system and the cardiovascular system, this course will provide you with the knowledge you need to accurately perform your tests.


Reasons Why You Should Become a Echo Tech with us.

The necessary skills that you will gain through our program will prepare you to become a
successful echocardiogram technician. With certification, you will be ready to work as an
echocardiographer in a variety of settings, including hospitals, cardiology offices, and urgent
care facilities.
Now is the time to start your echocardiography career. If you are motivated, hardworking, and
dedicated to your future in health care, our echocardiography program may be the right fit for
you. For more information about our Echo Tech classes in Indiana, and to learn more
about our schedule and tuition, contact us today!

Some Career Stats:

The average annual salary for a Echo Tech in 2020 was $60,940, 

Learn more career statistics about the benefits of becoming a Echo Technician here:
Bureau of Labor Statistics

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