Echo Tech Application

Start Date: JUNE 2025

Echo Tech

The course is 12 months long and meets on Wednesdays from 9am-1pm. Additional clinical hours will be required. This is a competitive program, so we will only be accepting 10-12 students per class.  The students must be certified as EKG Techs or equivalent or currently working as an EKG Tech to apply. You must have computer access to complete some online coursework throughout the program. It is $500 to register for the course. There is a pay in full discount of $8000 (including the registration fee) by the first day of class. The payment plan option requires an $800 payment on the first day of class and then $800 payments every month after on predetermined dates for 9 months totaling $8500 (including the registration fee). Students can apply for private loans through their banks or financial institutions.


Candidates are required to do an interview over Zoom during the next application phase.

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