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Medical Career Academy – 3 Pharmacy Technician Myths Students Must Stop Believing

Studying to be a pharmacy technician can be a fulfilling step into your medical career training, but it may not be the program you hoped it would due to some misinformation. Among the different on-demand courses, this one seems to be riddled with plenty of myths. Most of these misconceptions are from those who are not in the healthcare field and even some healthcare professionals but, unfortunately, don’t know any better. Thus, it is your prerogative to ensure everything you heard is validated. Start by considering the following common myths about the pharmacy technician program:

Myth #1: Once you train to become a pharmacy technician, you can also be considered a pharmacist.

By far, the myth that pharmacy technicians can be pharmacists is the most commonly spread among various circles, primarily those who are choosing their healthcare career path. Because of this, it is also the most concerning false information given because of its legal consequences. Thus, you should remember that pharmacy technicians are never allowed to give advice, especially for medication. Doing so can lead patients to severe medical complications—some even leading to death. As a result, you can be charged for malpractice and imprisoned.

Suppose you are a pharmacy technician who wants to become a pharmacist. In that case, you must pursue higher education by earning a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Just as pharmacy technicians have to pass the Pharmacy Technician Certification Boards, pharmacists have their own licensing examinations and have to complete clinical hours to become recognized professionals.

The good news is a pharmacy technician program can be the perfect breeding ground for budding healthcare specialists in the pharmaceutical field. They just need to complete the necessary programs and not confuse each other.

Myth #2: A chemistry degree is a prerequisite for pharmacy technicians

Chemistry goes hand in hand with many pharmacy applications, like pharmacology and biochemistry. However, it is not true that earning a chemistry degree is necessary to be eligible for the pharmacy technician program. This myth is the root cause of many hopeful graduates spending thousands of dollars on college fees only to find out they didn’t need to do so. In reality, all you need to get into the pharmacy technician course is the willingness to learn.

Because of the relatively more laidback requirements of getting into the pharmacy technician course, many medical field students opt for it while maintaining their work-life balance. It is mostly a way to seek better opportunities later in life since the program is affordable and can be accomplished in a short amount of time. Thus, go for it if these terms are something you feel would benefit your professional growth.

Myth #3: If you want to be a pharmacy technician, expect countless hours spent adding up and labeling various pills

From an outsider’s perspective, it may seem that pill counting and labeling are menial tasks that any proficient worker can do. However, that is not the case since pharmacy technicians hold the heavy responsibility of initial medication management. Being untrained in this can lead to mishandling and other pharmaceutical concerns, which can lead to costly legal damages and a negative customer reputation.

Take note that pharmacists also cannot handle a bulk of the work, meaning pharmacy technicians are there to assist in inventory logging and prescription encoding. If these are the sort of tasks you would like to take charge of, then the pharmacy technician program may be worth considering.


The pharmacy technician track is a legitimate medical career move despite what the naysayers say. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of the facts to make an informed decision. Just find the right medical education and training provider like us to move forward in your career!

Medical Career Academy in Indiana is your gateway to becoming a professional pharmacy technician. We also provide other healthcare training solutions that are just as fulfilling and high-quality, which you may also consider. Enroll today to make the most of our quality education and invest in your promising future in the medical sector.

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