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Medical Career Academy – 6 Convincing Reasons to Start a Career in Phlebotomy

Phlebotomy technicians are essential service providers in health care centers and hospitals, but they are not the usual top-of-mind career for people in the field. Although almost all people will need a phlebotomy technician’s services at least once in their lifetime, this occupation is not known to most.

If you are searching for a career to try in the healthcare industry, choosing to become a phlebotomy technician can be an excellent career move for you. Here are the reasons you should consider starting a phlebotomy profession:

  1. Easy application

Every school has different requirements, but generally speaking, applying for a phlebotomy training program is relatively easy. The majority of training providers will only require you to present a high school diploma. With that requirement and the will to start work in the medical field, you can begin your road to a medical career.

  1. Flexible Schedule

The beauty of training programs is that they do not have the same fixed setups as regular universities provide. Training programs offer flexibility in terms of scheduling, which is especially crucial for people with other commitments. That means juggling your personal life with your training is possible because phlebotomy training programs give students various schedule options.

You will find schools that offer daytime, nighttime, or weekend training sessions. It is a perfect opportunity for someone with another job or a parent who takes care of their family.

  1. Quick Yet Fruitful Course

You can finish phlebotomy training in one to three months, depending on the course you will take, and you can immediately start your service career as soon as you pass your certification exam. The time you will spend on training depends on your availability, so you can speed it up or take your time while learning.

  1. Great Entryway to the Medical Field

If a career in the medical field is your end goal, but you are not yet familiar with the options you have, being a phlebotomy technician will give you enough exposure to all the available careers in the healthcare industry. After all, exposure is always the best way for you to understand what you want to become.

A phlebotomy technician has the opportunity to work with a wide range of medical staff. Through this, you will become familiar with all the possible career paths you can take and witness what they are like in person.

  1. Perfect for Active Movers

If you hate the idea of sitting in front of a desk for the entire day, being a phlebotomy technician will save you from that possibility. This job will require you to be on your feet most of the time. It is a great job option for those who want to keep an active lifestyle, even when at work.

  1. Provide Assistance to Doctors and Medical Research

Phlebotomy technicians make the doctors’ jobs easier. They take care of analyzing patients’ bloodwork, including drawing samples and detecting infections, diseases, and cholesterol levels. All the doctors need is to read through the diagnosis and make the necessary recommendations.

They are also responsible for providing blood and plasma samples for medical research purposes. They play an important role in understanding the human body better and help improve the healthcare industry.


Phlebotomy technicians contribute so much to the medical field. They are an essential part of the medical industry, which makes their job fulfilling and worthwhile. If you are eyeing a place in the medical field, consider becoming a phlebotomy tech. Their service is much-needed in clinics, laboratories, hospitals, and blood banks.

Medical Career Academy is one of the most trusted phlebotomy schools in Indiana. We are dedicated to providing our students with the highest quality training courses in this field and several other medical careers. If you plan to become a phlebotomy technician, enroll now in our medical training classes.

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