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Medical Career Academy – 7 Qualities of Good Medical Assistants That Employers Want

An increasing number of employers are looking for qualified medical assistants today. However, not everyone enjoys working in healthcare, so it’s crucial to consider if you fit this profession before diving into it. You must first learn the characteristics that distinguish an excellent medical assistant, and check if you’ll be able to provide.

Healthcare is a highly regulated business with high professional requirements, so expect to operate like clockwork and follow a strict schedule. Aside from assisting doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals, you’ll be dealing with patients and providing support in their medical care. For this reason, having a high proficiency for service is the foundation of any medical assistant’s career.

Aside from all that, here are seven of the most crucial qualities that medical assistants need to have or develop:

  1. Customer Service Skills

This is a critical skill in any setting. When working with patients, medical assistants must be courteous and helpful. This is more felt in a hospital situation when the patient is likely to feel anxious, so medical assistants must be at their best while the patient is sick.

However, it’s not just about being kind. Medical assistants frequently advocate for patients, so it’s part of the job to ensure fairness. If a patient complains about another employee’s behavior, remain quiet and let the doctors and nurses handle it. If you can’t accomplish this, you’re probably not ready for this career.

  1. Dedication

You can count on medical assistants and their colleagues to get the job done, and dedication is vital in helping patients. While the team works together, each person has a set of responsibilities that must be accomplished.

Medical assistants must be committed to their tasks and finish them on time to not drag the team down and compromise patient care.

  1. Ability to Follow Instructions

Medical assistants aren’t supposed to wander independently or create their own rules. They are expected and required to follow the doctor’s orders and help the nursing staff. In this line of work, mistakes can be costly, especially if these instances could harm the patient. For this reason, you need to listen to instructions and correctly follow them to the letter.

  1. Compassion and Empathy

Medical assistants work closely with people who are often in pain, worried, and frustrated. They are there to do what they can to relieve the stress, and they need to be sympathetic.

It’s essential to have a sensitive nature and be aware of patients’ needs. While you always need to be professional, they need to feel that you have their best interests at heart. Compassion and empathy help medical assistants cater to the individual needs of their patients to provide the best care possible.

Though connected, compassion is not the same as empathy. While empathy relates to our capacity to understand another’s viewpoint and emotions, compassion refers to the desire to help. This is why both are necessary to guide your actions.

  1. Excel at Multitasking

Medical assistants will have to multitask to meet their professional obligations and ensure that everything gets done. You’ll be juggling many tasks and responsibilities, and in many cases, there is no time to waste.

  1. Work Well Under Pressure

Medical assistants will spend most of their time under pressure and still have to deliver. On top of that, they’ll have to work quickly, make decisions, and complete tasks on time.

As such, they need to handle pressure well to get tasks done efficiently. In this career, you don’t have the luxury of slacking on the job. You need to be focused and work as fast as possible to get everything done.

  1. Accuracy

Accuracy is necessary for medical assistants to deliver the best possible care. This is critical for the safety of the patient.

The medical industry is very aware of this, and many institutions go the extra mile to ensure that everything is done correctly. While it may mean a lot of work, it’s worth it to ensure that the patient receives the best care possible.


Medical assistants are indispensable to any healthcare team. This work requires a high level of motivation and dedication. They make sure that everything runs smoothly, and they are there to assist the doctors and nurses.

We at Medical Career Academy are committed to offering high-quality education in various health care disciplines. Smaller class sizes enable us to concentrate on each student personally and give full assistance at every stage. We provide a hands-on, real-world experience and a digital one generated from highly competent and experienced educators. If you think you can excel in a medical assisting career, check out our medical assistant classes in Indiana today.

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