Medical Career Academy – Exciting EKG Technician Tidbits You’ve Got to Read Right Now

An electrocardiogram (also called an ECG or EKG) records the heart’s electrical activity. It is a quick and painless process. There’s a lot that goes into the job itself—for example; it’s possible to use an EKG to test for problems with the electrical activity of the heart during a heart attack. To put it simply, an electrocardiogram uses the EKG machine to perform specific tests.

Though it sounds simple, there’s a reason why EKG tech classes are a must before these healthcare professionals are deployed on the field. These technicians must be well-trained to operate the EKG machine correctly and provide accurate results to a cardiologist for further analysis of the following:

  • A patient’s heart rate
  • A patient’s heartbeat regularity
  • Strength and timing of the electrical signals
  • Any possible abnormalities

Aside from the technical expertise needed for the job, other exciting EKG technician tidbits you may not know about are the following:

They’re Analytical

An EKG technician cannot allow personal feelings or bias to influence their decisions. They cannot allow stress to cloud their judgment, or their lives could be put in danger. A successful career as an EKG technician requires keeping a cool head and not panicking in high-pressure situations. If you’re someone who stays calm and thinks on your feet, an EKG technician career might be right for you.

They’re Important in the Medical Industry

Medical technicians of all kinds play an essential role in medicine. Even though there are some specializations, technicians help out by performing various complex tests. They participate in running an electrocardiogram on patients to check on the strength or timing of electrical signals and check for any abnormal conditions. In turn, these checks can help save lives.

Their Field Is Fast-Growing

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has predicted that healthcare-related careers will have a growth rate of 18 percent from 2016 to 2026, which is much faster than most other industries!

This is the reason for aging baby boomers, who account for about 75 percent of the over-65 population. As that demographic is set to double by 2060, such career opportunities will continue to increase and meet those demands.

Their Salary Is Pretty Good

Let’s face it, the most significant deciding factor for taking a job is income. You don’t have to worry about that if you’re thinking about becoming an EKG technician because it’s a good career choice!

The median wage for EKG technicians was $49,010 in 2016, and the top 10 percent of earners made more than $74,760! Many of these technicians also receive health insurance, vacation days, and sick leave.

It looks like those EKG tech classes are a worthy investment after all!

They Work in Tandem with Doctors

When synthesizing what EKG technicians do, here’s an apt job description:

“The EKG technician works in healthcare facilities with doctors and technologists and specializes in electrocardiogram testing for patients. EKG machines are complex devices that monitor the heart’s performance. The EKG technician attaches wires and electrodes to a patient’s chest, arms, and legs.”

Thus, EKG technicians aren’t just diagnostic services providers to in- and outpatients. They are responsible for monitoring an individual’s overall health to better aid doctors and other healthcare professionals with the best course of action for a better quality of life.

Start Your Exciting EKG Career Today

Now that you know the importance of EKG staff in the medical field, why not start this fulfilling, profitable career? You must attend EKG tech classes like any health-related job to learn the ropes. Remember, this is not just a diagnostic service; it’s a vital part of providing your future patients with a better quality of life.

Apply for EKG tech classes through Medical Career Academy! We are dedicated to providing each student with the highest quality education in different healthcare fields. With our smaller class sizes, we can commit to each student individually and provide full support at every step in the process. Register right now for our May 4, 2022 course!

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