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Medical Career Academy – Home Health Aide_ Prospects, Requirements, and Tasks

Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the United States today. Despite recent world events, there are still over 18 million healthcare workers in the country, and around 3.2 million of them are home health aides.

Home health aides help patients maintain their independence. It is a valuable career that makes a difference in people’s lives. But before looking for healthcare training solutions and searching for home health aide jobs, it is vital to know the job’s marketability, requirements, and tasks that come with it.

Healthcare Aide Job Market

Among the jobs in the healthcare industry, home health aide posts are one of the most in-demand. As the American population gets older, the need for someone to assist them with their everyday needs increases.

This is why health aides can find work in private family homes, home healthcare service companies, rehabilitation facilities, assisted living facilities, mental health institutions, retirement communities, and more.

Healthcare Aide Requirements

Healthcare aides do not require a degree to practice. Aspiring aides only technically need a high school diploma or its equivalent to start looking for a job.

However, to be a professional healthcare aid, you have to receive the proper healthcare training and certification.

Home Healthcare Aide Tasks and Responsibilities

The appropriate training, on-the-job experience, and certifications will equip potential healthcare aides to accomplish the following tasks and responsibilities:

Assist Clients with Everyday Duties

Clients need help with their daily personal tasks at home. Home health aides assist clients with basic personal care, and help them eat, bathe, brush teeth, take their medication, and do other such activities.

They also assist with dressing changes, temperature checks, pulse rate and blood pressure monitoring. When necessary, they may also assist clients with walking using aids and artificial limbs.

Execute Client’s Healthcare Plan

Follow the client’s care plan and let your supervisors know if things get worse. Home health aides are intimately involved in the patient’s daily care, so they are perfectly positioned to let the family, nurse, or doctor know the situation of the patient’s condition.

Manage Client’s Nutrition

Food and nutrition are fundamental components of a client’s healthcare plan. This is why healthcare aides make sure to follow the advice of doctors and nutritionists regarding their patient’s health. It may involve grocery shopping, food preparation, and, in some cases, feeding.

Organize Client Transportation and Schedule

There are instances when the patient needs to get out of the house to go on a medical appointment. Healthcare aides are tasked to organize schedules and arrange for the appropriate transportation.

Should the client need to go to other locations where they may require assistance, like the grocery or department store, aides need to ensure they get there safely.

Help Maintain Client’s Social Connections

Maintain clients’ social connections. Home health aides help patients keep their social networks by escorting them to cultural events, like plays, parties, or movies. They also accompany clients to important events like weddings or graduations or to see family and friends.


Being a healthcare aide is a fulfilling experience, professionally and personally. Their tasks and responsibilities may look simple, but the work and dedication to doing everything right is a challenge. Academically, a healthcare aide only needs a high school diploma or something comparable to it. But they must also have the appropriate medical career training and certifications to help improve people’s quality of life.

Medical Career Academy is an institution committed to providing the best healthcare training solutions in Indiana. We offer hands-on, real-life, and digital experiences with experienced and qualified instructors to help you do the job and do it right. Contact us today!

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