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Medical Career Academy – Settings beyond the Clinic Where Medical Assistants Can Work

Settings beyond the Clinic Where Medical Assistants Can Work

Having a medical assistant (MA) certification benefits those seeking employment in various healthcare settings. As people work toward middle management and supervisory responsibilities, they can also work in other areas of the medical industry. That is just the advantage of their field of expertise, as they have numerous options from the start.

It is no surprise that many of them may be lured toward the many specialties that offer high salaries, but there are definitely other career options available out there. If you want to know the specific career paths for MAs, look no further than our examples below.

  1. Private Practice

If you want to work outside the clinic setting, consider a career in private practice. Primary care physicians, gynecologists, dermatologists, and other medical specialists need medical assistants in their private practice, as well. These practitioners work in their own clinics but also collaborate with other specialty providers when needed.

Working in private practice may offer you a more personal and intimate experience with your patients, as you get to know them on a more individualized basis. You will have more opportunities to develop lasting relationships with your patients, your coworkers, and your employers.

  1. Case Managers

Medical assistants also have the option of working as case managers – a career in which they assist patients with an ongoing, complex health condition. A case manager coordinates care between a patient, her physician, and her other health care providers, who may include a registered nurse and a social worker. By helping the patient manage her health and healthcare, she can more easily manage her health and attain better overall health.

Case managers may work for a number of healthcare organizations, such as hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies, and other care providers.

  1. Sales and Marketing

The healthcare career path is all about promoting and selling healthcare services, and medical assistants can work as entry-level sales representatives raking the numbers selling medical devices or serving in a pharmaceutical company. These sales representatives typically represent a medical device product line or a specific medication. They can also work as a sales navigator, acting as a liaison between the physician and the pharmaceutical professional and helping them collaborate on the best treatment plan for their patient.

Sales representatives earn a commission, which can be highly lucrative, depending on the company.

  1. Medical and Health Insurance

Medical assistants can also pursue a career in medical and health insurance, with a primary focus on health and risk management, which includes providing health services, policy analysis, and claims analysis. Health and risk management jobs are out there for those who desire to pursue a college degree in health care administration.

  1. Administrative Jobs

Medical assistants who work their way up the managerial ranks in a clinic can choose to stay in the healthcare industry or enter a corporate landscape. As administrative medical assistants, they are able to maintain the strong foundation they have developed in the medical field while working in an office setting.


Beyond these examples, medical assistants can choose to pursue a variety of career paths as they advance in their healthcare careers. The skills and expertise they have developed can be their valuable assets as they pursue new and exciting opportunities.

If you happen to be in the same situation, you would be happy to know that your choices are never limited and that you have a lot of opportunities ahead of you. Just be sure to gauge your picks and never hesitate to step out of your comfort zone.

If you are looking for an institution that offers medical assistant classes in Indiana, look no further than our programs and training here at Medical Career Academy. We provide all our students the confidence and scope of education that they need to practice and excel in the field of medicine. Call us today for more information about all our curriculum and courses.

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