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Medical Career Academy – Vital Things to Know about Home Health Aide Certification

Vital Things to Know about Home Health Aide Certification

The job of a home health aide is to ensure that their patient is getting the appropriate care that they need while they are recovering from or are currently experiencing a certain health condition. While the level of care may vary, depending on the patient’s capabilities, the tasks are almost the same, with the goal of providing them all comfort and assistance on a daily basis.

That being said, you may see such a vocation as your inspirational path, and you are currently planning to become a home health aide yourself. But before you can even become one, you must first know about home health aide certification and the qualifications that go with that.

Below are just some informative references regarding it.

The Basic Requirements

Before entering this profession, you must have the basic requirements required by most states. It is still advisable to check on your state’s prerequisites to ensure that you will be able to find the proper training for this profession.

The first requirement is the completion of a high school diploma or its equivalent, which would be the GED. It is also important that you have knowledge of health care and its principles and that you are physically and mentally fit for the job.

If you are not a US citizen, you must have a green card or any other visa status that will allow you to work.

The Training

Training is another vital component of becoming a home health aide. In this case, you will need to be trained by an accredited home health aide school. You can check online for accredited schools in your area. Some courses that you may take up as part of your training include cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid, practicing patient care and administering home care, learning how to deal with medical supplies, and lastly, learning the procedures and protocols in a medical facility.

An important tip that you need to remember is that home health aides should not be confused with home health care nurses. If a patient needs a level of care that requires nursing care, you will have to seek assistance from one.

The State Licensure

You must have a state license for this job, for it is the only way for you to practice comfortably. To apply for a license, you must have your training, a social security card, a valid driver’s license, and any other documents requested by your state. You should make sure that the license is still valid, as there is a small chance that you will fail to renew your license.

After your training, make sure to apply for state certification. This is where you will have to produce documents for proof of your training, take a state exam, and meet the basic requirements. You will also have to apply for home health aide jobs that require you to have a certification.

Home Health Aide Jobs and Your Salary

Once you have passed all the required tests, it is now time for you to look for home health aide jobs. In most cases, this job is part-time, which means that you can find a second job for your personal income. The amount you earn will depend on the state you are working in and the length of time you have been working for a certain agency.


Depending on the laws of your state and the type of training that you have, becoming a home health aide can be a challenging job. However, it can also be fulfilling, especially when you see how you could help others get their lives back to normal by providing them with the assistance they need.

Take note of all our pointers above to make your certification process a lot smoother than expected.

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