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Medical Career Academy – What Medical Assistants Should Know About CCMA Certification

Medical assistants are sought worldwide, and there’s a reason for this: the healthcare industry is quickly expanding, and more talents are needed to offer healthcare services that people seek that doctors have to provide.

That being said, the medical assistant is one of the incredibly few healthcare positions that usually aren’t required to hold any licenses or special certifications. However, earning one can open up more job opportunities and more pay!

So, with that in mind, if you’re a medical assistant looking to up your professional life, consider going for CCMA certification!

What Is CCMA Certification?

The Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (or CCMA) credential is a healthcare certification designed to recognize clinical staff members who have met the CCMA standard for quality care. These include medical assistants, lab technicians, health technicians, and nursing assistants.

CCMA is the highest level of credential offered by the CAAHEP, and the student must pass the CCMA certification exam to receive the CCMA credential.

What Value Does It Offer to Medical Assistants?

CCMA certification makes medical assistants stand out from the rest in the industry. In fact, the AAMC recommends CCMA certification as a way to distinguish yourself from the rest of your colleagues so that you’re able to get more job opportunities as well as higher pay.

What’s on the CCMA Certification Exam?

The CCMA certification from the CAAHEP is a comprehensive examination that evaluates all aspects of the medical assistant’s role. This includes communication skills and professional ethics, handling and assisting patients, clinical procedures and techniques, safety, security, licensure awareness, and basic care, comfort, and privacy issues.

The CCMA certification exam can be taken in two formats: you can either take the standard exam that’s offered at any CAAHEP-accredited school; or, if you’re really serious about your certification, you could attend the National Exam—the highest level of the CCMA certification—which is only available to students who have attended an accredited school and who have applied for the exam.

When taking the certification exam, you’re required to submit a portfolio of your work, so you must take this exam seriously.

Are There Any Prerequisites for the CCMA Exam?

The CCMA exam is for experienced medical assistants who are able to demonstrate their knowledge and skills, who are able to assess and evaluate the patient’s health condition, and who are able to communicate effectively.

If you’re starting out, you should first earn your RMA certification, pursue your CMAS, and only then take the CCMA. It is recommended that you attend a CAAHEP-accredited school to prepare for the CCMA certification exam.

Preparation for the exam will depend on the type of school you attend. If you opt for an online school or a school in a distant location, the preparation will be different from that of a traditional school.


Becoming a certified healthcare professional is wonderful and will open up more job opportunities and more pay. However, the CAAHEP recommends that if you’re going for the CCMA certification, it’s important to complete your CCMA preparation by completing your RMA and CMAS first. This can ensure you are thoroughly prepared for the up-and-coming CCMA certification exam to become a CCMA-certified medical assistant finally!

Nevertheless, if you’re a medical assistant and you want to add more value to your professional life, then CCMA certification is a great way to do so!

Medical Career Academy offers every student the quality education they deserve to find success in different healthcare fields. If you are looking for medical assistant classes in Indiana, reach out to us today!

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