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Medical Career Academy – What You Can Expect to Learn When You Enroll in Phlebotomy School

People who believe their purpose lies in helping others could consider discovering reasons to be a phlebotomist. After all, pursuing a career in the healthcare industry means making people’s lives better and making an impact in the world.

As a phlebotomy technician, you will go through training to prepare yourself for the real challenge where you begin facing patients, drawing their blood, and helping doctors identify their cases. Before anything else, you must attend phlebotomy school and learn several skills, helping you land your dream job and begin saving lives.

No matter what medical course you take, you should expect it to be a complicated journey, one that will prove worth it once you start doing what you love. When aiming to be a phlebotomist, you must ensure you’re fully equipped for the part. Keep reading below to find out the necessary skills you can look forward to learning as an aspiring phlebotomist.

You Can Master Drawing Blood Correctly

Your primary responsibility as a phlebotomist is collecting patients’ blood samples for testing or donation. While it can seem like an easy task, it’s more complicated than many think because it requires mastery and correct handling.

You will encounter a lot of patients who are scared of needles, let alone the sight of blood. To make sure you acquire the needed samples, you must have the skills to give them peace of mind knowing they can trust you to extract their blood. During your medical career training, you will learn essential blood drawing methods to prove your professionalism in the field.

You Can Improve Your Communication Skills

Having good communication skills is integral for people who work in the healthcare industry, especially for people aspiring to become a phlebotomist. You must be capable of relaying messages clearly among your colleagues, doctors, and patients.

Since you’ll be in charge of drawing patients’ blood and acquiring their information, you must guarantee everything you do is correct. When you can communicate with the people around you without problems, you make them feel comfortable and help get rid of their worries.

You Can Acquire Organizational Skills

Besides having outstanding communication skills, you also need to be well-organized and neat at all times when taking phlebotomy training. As a professional technician, your workspace must be in order to avoid confusion, maintaining a managed place at all times.

Since you’re working with various medical instruments like blood vials, needles, and test tubes, you should always prioritize good hygiene. You are expected to follow sanitation protocols as part of improving your organization skills to ensure you’re constantly on your way to success.

You Can Acquire Accuracy in Labeling Specimens

A vital skill you must learn while taking medical training classes to become a phlebotomy technician is labeling blood specimens, vials, and test tubes without making room for errors. It’s a crucial part that you need to get right at all times to avoid unwanted problems.

You require accurate handling every time you label the samples and ensure to watch over them while they’re under your care. When you label things right, you guarantee the information on the blood you collected is 100% accurate, giving researchers, scientists, and doctors an easier time doing their job too.


When you’re serious about pursuing a career in the medical industry, and you’re looking at becoming a phlebotomist, you should strive to acquire healthcare training solutions. Attending a phlebotomy school entails learning a wide array of knowledge, skills, and experience. The lessons you learn along the way will push you to be a certified phlebotomist technician, ready to save lives, one patient at a time.

Are you looking to attend phlebotomy classes in Indiana? Medical Career Academy strives to offer our students the highest quality education in different healthcare fields. Get in touch with us today to register for our course openings!

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