Medical Career Academy – Why Medical Assistants are Considered Essential Workers

The healthcare industry is an essential component of our lives. Without medical professionals, we wouldn’t be able to live long enough to enjoy our lives.

Medical assistants are an essential part of the healthcare system, and their work is extremely valuable. They provide a wide range of services that help doctors and nurses achieve their goals.

What Do You Mean by Essential Workers?

Essential workers must be present in a workplace to keep it running smoothly. The term describes the roles that cannot be replaced by technology and must be filled by human beings.

They are essential because they are important to the functioning of an organization, but they aren’t necessary for its existence. In other words, if these workers were removed from their jobs, the business would continue functioning in some capacity. They’re not vital—but they’re undoubtedly valuable.

What Are the Roles of Medical Assistants?

Medical assistants perform many different duties depending on where they work, who their supervising physician is, and what type of clinic or hospital they’re employed at. Some typical roles include:

  • Taking patient histories
  • Collecting specimens for testing
  • Preparing patients for examinations and procedures
  • Sterilizing equipment before use on patients
  • Providing patient education and counseling
  • Performing routine laboratory tests
  • Creating medical records
  • Stocking supplies and equipment
  • Maintaining inventory
  • Ordering laboratory tests and supplies

During their employment, medical assistants may also be trained to perform clinical procedures such as performing injections and taking blood samples. They may be able to help with minor surgical procedures under the direction of a physician or surgeon.

Medical assistants may work in various settings, including doctor’s offices, hospitals, clinics, and laboratories. Medical assistants can earn multiple credentials depending on the requirements in their state. Most states require that medical assistants be licensed and registered with the state health board.

Why are Essential Workers?

Medical assistants are a vital component of the healthcare team. They work under the direct supervision of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, providing administrative and clinical support.

Medical assistants perform various duties within a medical office, clinic, or hospital setting. Duties may include patient care, record keeping, scheduling appointments, billing, and insurance processing.

Why are Medical Assistants Essential Workers?

Medical assistants are essential to the smooth operation of any clinic or medical facility because they perform many important tasks. The following are just some examples:

  • Help doctors and nurses perform their duties by preparing patients for treatment and assisting with examinations and treatments.
  • Prepare patients for diagnostic tests such as x-rays or laboratory tests by explaining test procedures and helping patients complete paperwork and consent forms.
  • Explain new medications to patients and assist them in taking them correctly by measuring dosages and administering medications through oral syringes or injection pens.
  • Assist patients with recovery by helping them put on or remove equipment such as braces and splints, showing them how to exercise correctly, and answering questions about their condition.
  • Perform tasks such as cleaning rooms, sterilizing equipment, and filling out charts.

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A healthcare facility needs a team of dedicated professionals to care for the patients, including medical assistants. Medical assistants have a crucial role in the healthcare system. The medical assistant’s job is not limited to simple administrative tasks; they are also responsible for assisting doctors with patient care.

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