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Medical Career Academy – 4 Reasons to Consider Becoming a Phlebotomist

For people who want a vocation in the healthcare industry and aren’t too concerned about seeing blood every day, then you might want to think of becoming a phlebotomist. They are medical specialists who focus on drawing blood from patients to submit for lab analysis.

Phlebotomists play a crucial role in the medical industry; after all, if it weren’t for them, doctors can’t diagnose patients and proceed with curing their illnesses! To become a certified phlebotomist, you will need to attend medical career classes in phlebotomy.

After undertaking the necessary training, you can expect to have a satisfying career to accomplish your goals. Keep reading below to find out some reasons to be a phlebotomist.

You Can Achieve a Reputable Job

Working in healthcare for this profession means you get to help people without spending several years studying to earn a degree. There are plenty of phlebotomy schools that are affordable and easy to get into so long as you have the passion for it.

You can find access to classes that offer certification programs lasting for a few weeks, while others will need months to accomplish. No matter the case, you can expect to become a full-fledged phlebotomist in less than a year, leading you to acquire a certificate, pass specific tests, and become hired right away.

You Can Expect Long-Term Benefits

Handling blood is an integral part of the medical industry where professionals will rely on you to determine the results and related health conditions of their patients. That’s why your job to collect and analyze blood is just as essential as any healthcare worker who aims to save lives.

As a phlebotomist, you can expect a secure job due to its high demand across the world. With healthcare industries in need of help as each year passes, and more patients requiring medical care, people can only expect phlebotomy training to be more in-depth and necessary in the future.

You Can Work Anytime and Anywhere

Phlebotomists have the independence to make flexible decisions concerning when they want to work and where they choose to do so. Whether you prefer to be assigned in a town or city, there will always be the need to retrieve patients’ blood and submit them for testing.

You don’t have to worry about not getting the job position you want because you can find the perfect role depending on your location, pay rate, and schedule you prefer. Some labs will need you to come in during the typical nine to five program, while hospitals might have to ask for 24/7 assistance—joining whichever schedule is entirely up to you.

You Can Feel Fulfilled for Helping People

Since you already know how vital phlebotomy is to the healthcare industry, your role is to manage the blood drawing for the doctors to ensure their diagnosis is correct and supported. As a result, the treatment plans given to each patient will only lead people to their fast recovery.

Moreover, phlebotomists are looked up to because they are one of the few people who can assure patients they can collect blood safely, properly, and accurately. They are considered heroes in their own way because without their assistance, blood banks and collection centers are useless, and lives are at risk.


Becoming a phlebotomist is a medical career worth considering, especially if it has been your lifelong dream to aid people in need and strive to excel in the healthcare industry. As a phlebotomist, you can expect to achieve an admirable and long-term job that allows you to gain flexible work conditions, and most of all, feel fulfilled for helping those in dire need.

Are you looking for phlebotomy classes in Indiana to jumpstart your medical dreams? Medical Career Academy offers students a high-quality education in several healthcare fields. We are committed to providing full support with our real-life, hands-on programs to give you the knowledge you deserve. Get in touch with us today to register for our classes!

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