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Medical Career Academy – 6 Reasons Being a Medical Assistant Is a Perfect Career Choice

Do you want to kickstart your career in the healthcare industry? Consider a medical assistant position that can fast-track your way to having an established career in the industry! The job scope typically involves working alongside registered nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and physicians as part of a healthcare team.

Some tasks that you will be required to do will be taking blood pressure, explaining medical information to patients, drawing blood, caring for wounds, and recording medical history. It mostly covers the basics, which is a great way to be involved as you build your career in the healthcare landscape.

If you are considering to become a medical assistant, here are six reasons to do so:

  1. You Will Be In Demand

When you’re a medical assistant, you will always be in demand. You probably won’t have periods of unemployment with this, which is why it’s a great career choice. In fact, employment for this position isprojected to grow by 19% from 2019 to 2029. This is due to the growing number of baby boomers that require more preventive medical services.

  1. The Pay Is Stable

There are many benefits when you’re in a high-demand industry, and that includes a positive influence on your salary. The average medical assistant salary is at $32,946. Moreover, due to the job’s high-demand nature, the turnover is low, and your position is protected from layoffs, despite the poor economy.

  1. You Can Be Fulfilled

Medical assistants are people who love working with people, and you can exercise your love for it when you’re in this job position. If you love lightening people’s moods and caring for them, then you will make a great medical assistant. This is because as a medical assistant, you will interact with people every day and assist nurses and doctors.

  1. You Will Learn More

Medical assistants work in various environments, meaning that you will learn more. Moreover, you will be exposed to broader education to accommodate the needs of the patients and healthcare professionals you’ll be working within a specific setting, such as medical offices, hospitals, or surgical centers. If your concern is that you’ll be doing the same tasks every day and not learning anything, you won’t have to worry about those when you become a medical assistant.

  1. You Can Explore Other Healthcare Areas

When you start as a medical assistant and gain experience and knowledge, you can set towards various healthcare areas, such as nursing, medical coding, and even allied health management. This is why it’s a great start-off point whether you want to establish a longer career path or be involved in other areas of healthcare.

  1. You Can Go National

Your credentials as a medical assistant are recognized nationwide, if not worldwide. If you plan a move in the future, your job will require no additional steps to get to work in a new medical setting.


Are you ready to start your career in the healthcare industry? If you want to help people without going through an extensive course right away, then a medical assistant position is a job for you! With all of these reasons listed above, there’s no doubt it’s an excellent career choice that you can grow in.

If you are looking for quality medical assistant classes in Highland, Indiana, check us out here at Medical Career Academy. We offer smaller class sizes to ensure full commitment to each student and provide them with full support. Enroll with us today!

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