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Medical Career Academy – 6 Essential Qualities That Will Make You an Excellent Phlebotomist

Are you attentive to little details, and do you do all things carefully at all times? Are you fond of comforting and reassuring people whenever they are afraid or ill? Are you passionate about healthcare? If you answer yes to these questions, you might consider becoming a phlebotomist and work in a laboratory, hospital, clinic, or doctor’s office.

However, before you consider taking this career, you should ensure that you are suited for the job. To know if you are a good fit for being a phlebotomist, here are a few qualities that you must have.

1. Phlebotomists are Multitaskers

Hospitals and laboratories are places where you get to encounter busy people. So, if you want to pursue a phlebotomy career, you must have the ability to multitask. If you are a multitasker, assisting doctors, nurses, and patients who heavily rely on results from blood work will be a piece of cake. Additionally, make sure you can meet tight deadlines and work under pressure if you want to be a phlebotomist.

2. Phlebotomists are Patient

In dealing with different types of people, you must have patience. Some might get angry at you, while some might get too emotional. It shall be up to you to help them go through necessary medical procedures while remaining as calm as they can.

3. Phlebotomists are Caring and Compassionate

If you want to be a phlebotomist, you must always love helping and caring for others. Because you will be working with various people day-to-day, kindness and compassion should be two of your best qualities. Now, if you love being around people, even strangers, and you are comfortable being with them, perhaps being a phlebotomist is the perfect career for you.

4. Phlebotomists are Organized

Being organized is crucial if you dream of getting a phlebotomy degree. Every time phlebotomists draw blood into vials, they must keep these vials accurately marked and sorted, as any mistake can negatively impact the healthcare system.

5. Phlebotomists are Attentive and Meticulous

Whether phlebotomists work in either a medical career training center or a renowned hospital, all of them have complex duties to fulfill. Most importantly, they should be careful and detail-oriented at all times because their patients count on them.

If you plan on applying as a phlebotomist, make sure that you follow all medical procedures meticulously, without any errors. As you see plenty of patients a day, you should ensure that you never fail in drawing the right amount of blood at every time. Plus, there’s no room for mistakes in patient identities and labeling blood samples.

6. Phlebotomists are Excellent Communicators

Communication is essential if you want to become a phlebotomy technician because other professionals like doctors, nurses, and medical assistants will surround you. It is crucial to know how to properly communicate with them to understand what you need to do. You cannot overlook communication in this profession as you have to be a good team player.

Final Thoughts

Phlebotomists play a role in ensuring that people who have health concerns get the proper diagnosis. Providing healthcare is a complex process, and phlebotomy is a crucial step. If you feel like you can be a good match for this type of career, get the start by enrolling in a formal training program.

Medical Career Academy offers premier medical training courses in various facets of medicine, such as certification for phlebotomists. As one of the best phlebotomy schools in Indiana, you’ll surely benefit from our certification program. Register for our next course today!

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